Providers of 3D Design, Animation and Interactive 3D Simulation - Newcastle Australia

3D Game Assets

3D Game Asset Creation

We provide 3D Modelling and Texturing for Game Environment art.  We can provide textures in traditional bitmap format or as Allegorithmic Substance materials created with Substance Designer and Substance Painter.  Our Substances are compatible with both Unity 3D PBR shaders plus the Alloy and UBER shaders fo Unity 3D.

3D Architecural Visualisation

3D Architectural Visualisation

Let us 3D Design, Model, Texture, Animate, Light and Render your Architectural Visualisations to still images or video animations. Alternatively publish as real time Virtual Worlds via the Unity 3D engine to make your presentations pop and provide your user with the best experience possible.
Let your users change floor coverings, wall colours all in real time. 

3D Product Visualisation

3D Product Visualisation

We can turn your product ideas or existing products into 3D Designs rendered as images or video animations for use in advertising, concepts and presentations.  
Using the Unity 3D engine we can allow your users to interact with your product in real time, to visualise how your product works or customise with different material, lighting and environment options. 

3D Training Simulation and Education

3D Induction Simulation & Education

Need to provide Induction Training or Simulate Scenarios to educate your teams?
We can create animated video instruction or training via real time 3D Virtual Worlds to place your employees or customer right in the scene.   Let them interact and visualise with 3D before they start live in your real world environment.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Do you have an idea or concept for a product you wish to prototype?
Allow us to 3D Design and Model it for you, then 3D Print it for you to hold and interact with.  
We can create multiple parts that fit together or change to form your design.   

Web Design

Web Design

We can provide a turnkey solution for your Logo Design, Business Card Design and Web Design services.  
We get you online hassle free, taking care of your Web Domain registration, setup of your Web Hosting and email accounts.  We can also setup and run Google Adwords campaigns to further promote your onine presence.  

Engage your audience with 3D Interactive
Architecural, Product and Training Visualisations 

Customizable Unity 3D Assets

We create and sell assets for use in the Unity - 3D engine via the Unity Asset Store.  Our assets include customisable Alegorithmic Substance materials to allow the end user the ability to easily create to their own unique style and look by using easy to use sliders, Physically Based Rendering PBR material presets and colour pickers all within the Unity Inspector panel.

CUSTOM PBR Substance Panel
CUSTOM PBR Sci-Fi Substances Vol.1
CUSTOM PBR Substances vol.1
CUSTOM PBR Sci-Fi Substances Vol.2
CUSTOM PBR Substances vol.2